Burning and Hazard Reductions

Fire in Bargo is used primarily for its' heat. The main purposes that people use fire in Bargo is for Recreation and Agriculture.

Before lighting that fire, you should ask yourself, "Have I got appropriate approval? Am I able and competant to undertake the pile burn / hazard reduction or should I organise assitance from appropriate authorities? Have I let the Fire Control Centre and neighbours know of when I intend to burn at least 24 hours prior? Is there a High Fire Danger or higher rating for Wollondilly or is there any TOTAL FIRE BANS or burn restrictions in force where I live?" It is up to you to be aware of rules and regulations the NSWRFS, FRNSW and Wollondilly Council have in place to govern pile burns. It is recommended though that grass clippings and other general household green waste be disposed of in your Greenwaste bins or at the tip if appropriate rather than burning.

The following are some certificates that may be required by you to burn:

Fire Permits are required for burning piles less the 2x2 metres (ie. Leaf Litter, wood). The permit is a Safety Approval to burn the pile in a period no longer than 21 days. The piles cannot include plastics, tyres, etc. Permits are not required for fires used for cooking or heating.

Hazard Reduction Certificates are required for removal of fuel on private property. Burning can be undertaken by private landholders or a Fire Agency, such as the Rural Fire service. A HRC is an Environmental Approval to burn

The map below shows the Bargo township and the highlighted yellow areas are where Wollondilly Shire Council has deemed to be No Burn Zones. In these locations fires cannot be used to burn. Exemptions only include Wood Fire BBQ's or Ovens and Wood Fire Heaters.

Enquiries about Burning Off can be made through the Wollondilly Fire Control Centre in Picton, 46777 000.