Alternative Agency Services

Here we've included a selection of images taken by, and given to, the brigade of other service vehicles, which include fire and other services. We've added these photographs to raise awareness of the different kind of services within Australia that Bargo, being part of the NSW Rural Fire Service, does work with from time to time.

There are photographs included of vehicles that are no longer in service but is not mentioned in their descriptions. Vehicles have been alphabetized.

Sydney Catchment Authority

SCA Cordueax 1

    Sydney Catchment Authority's CRAFT Cordueax 1 unit assisting in a bush fire in Broughton Pass, Appin, 2008.

Ambulance NSW

Off Road Ambulance

    An off road Ambulance attatched to the Wollondilly Task Force during the 2009 Victorian Fires.

Private Fire Brigades

Yerranderie Bush Fire Brigade

    Yerranderie Bush Fire Brigade is owned by the few residents of Yerranderie. The equipment used have been purchased from sales of old NSWRFS units, with the brigade owning an old tanker from Wingecarribee District and two fire fighting slip ons for fire protection of their houses. During major fires in the past, these units have assisted the NSWRFS and NPWS task forces with light fire fighting duties.

NSW Rural Fire Service

Appin 7

    Photo of Appin 7 driving along a dirt track in Burragorang Vally towards the end of the S44 fires that had been burning for weeks in the remote valley in late 2006.

Cawdor 7

    Photo of Cawdor 7 assisting at a Hazard Reduction in Bargo in 2007.

Grays Point 1 Bravo

    Sutherland Crews operating on Grays Point's truck extinguishing a branch up a tree, helping to contain the southern flank of the Diamond Creek Complex S44 in 2009.

Oakdale 2

    Photo of Oakdale 2 staging before operating in Burragorang Valley towards the end of the S44 fires that had been burning for weeks in the remote valley in late 2006.

Pheasants Nest 2

    Pheasants Nest 2 during the 2009 Victorian Fires.

Sutherland Forward Command

    Sutherland Forward Command Unit spotted during the 2009 Victorian Fires. This vehicle supports operational officers by providing communication points and relays around the outside of incidents, as well as Communication Personnel to operate Communication Equipment and Radios.

Tahmoor 7

    Tahmoor 7 at the Wollondilly Southern FieldEx 2010 at Bargo River Camping Grounds.

Thirlmere 7

    Thirlmere 7 assisting in a Hazard Reduction at the Wollondilly Anglican College in Bargo, 2009

Wollondilly South

    Wollondilly South is a support vehicle for Wollondilly District, here moving the Bargo Captain around a Hazard Reduction in the Bargo Mines Lease, 2010.

Wollondilly Supports Alpha and Bravo and Wollondilly Group Five

    From left to right, Wollondilly units Support Alpha, Support Bravo and Group 5 vehicles parked at Nattai River Station, 2010.

Wollondilly Support Welfare

    Wollondilly Support Welfare is based from the old Tahmoor 4 unit, with the tray converted from fire fighting to catering needs. This vehicle supplys light refreshments to incidents like motor vehicle accidents or structure fires, that have been running and are expected to continue for hours. Hot water for coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as biscuits is the base standard, but the vehicle can run packed lunches to crews on larger scale and more physically exhaustive incidents, such as bush fires.

Victoria CFA

Tatyoon Tanker

    Tatyoon tanker from CFA strike force working with Wollondilly Strike Force in Victoria, 2009.