Bargo Fire Trucks

Toyota Hilux 4WD Personnel Carrier

    A Toyota Hilux 4WD Personnel Carrier was donated to the Bargo Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade in 2011 after discussions with his wife by a local resident, Bob Brown, in memory of his wife Elizabeth "Betty" Brown, who passed away in late 2010. The vehicle was donated to the brigade in memory of "Betty" so that her memory can live on and provide a helping service to the Bargo community.

    The vehicle has been fitted with additional features such as rear view cameras, additional radios and CABA cylinder mounts, to support operational vehicles of Bargo Brigade to transport goods, tools and people to fires, training and other brigade activities.

    Although the official call sign of the vehicle is "Bargo PC", within the brigade it is known as "Betty".

Mazda Light Urban Pumper

    A Mazda dual cab light truck. Built as a fire fighting pumper by Kuipers, the truck came to the brigade in 2010 with the call sign "Bargo Pumper".

    The water tank capacity of 1600L pumped by a diesel GAAM MK300 pump. Foam delivered by a Quenchmaster system.

    The light and low chassis helps get the vehicle get up to highway speed quickly and the large pump capacity allows it to be quite a useful tool when fighting village fires such as car and house fires.

    The truck was acquired from the Wingecarribee District to help the brigade and district in establishing CABA programs.

Isuzu Heavy Tanker 4WD

    A part time 4WD Isuzu FTS 750 dual cab truck. Built as a fire fighting tanker by Kuipers, the truck came to service in the brigade in 2002 with the call sign "Bargo 1".

    The water tank capacity of about 3300L pumped by a diesel GAAM MK300 pump, pumping up to 1400 litres per minute at 150kPa. Foam delivered by a GAAM Quenchmaster CP500 system.

    The truck was retro fitted in 2010 to meet the new needs of the brigade when CABA was introduced.

Mitsubishi Canter Light Tanker 4WD

    A part time 4WD Mitsubishi Canter Light Truck. Built as a fire fighting tanker by Kuipers, the truck came to service in the brigade in 1998 with the call sign "Bargo 7".

    The water tank capacity of 1600L was pumped by a diesel GAAM pump. Foam was delivered by a Quenchmaster system.

    It's small size and good maneuverability made it great for fire fighting in steep bush or soft paddocks around Bargo and the Wollondilly Shire.

    This vehicle saw deployment to major fires with the brigade such as the 2000/2001 Christmas Fires, 2006 Canberra Fires or the Victorian Fires of 2006 and 2009.

    This truck was replaced in 2010 by a Category 10 Light Pumper.


Toyota Landcruiser Striker

    A part time 4WD Landcruiser truck used as a striker unit with the call sign "Bargo 4". The brigade acquired it on 14th September, 1987.

    This vehicle was used as a quick response scout as the larger trucks followed from behind to incidents such as Bush Fires, Grass Fires, House Fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents or higher ground to locate smoke sightings.

    The brigade paid for the suspension to be upgraded to a more heavy duty setup as the stock standards were not suitable or stable for the added weight of fire fighting gear on the rear tray. The brigade also installed a recovery winch and bullbar to the front.

    The striker was replaced in 1998 by a new Category 7 Light Tanker.


Isuzu FDS Heavy Fire Tanker

    Paid for by brigade donations and council and state subsidies, this Category One Fire Tanker boasted 4WD capabilities bringing the brigade its first brand new heavy tanker replacing the Range Rover in 1993.

    The brigade raised $25,000 after a heavy full on donation drive when the council announced the availability of the tanker.

    The tanker was damaged in a large multi truck pile up on the 14th April 1997, when it was pushed into the path of numerous other trucks in early morning heavy fog. The vehicle was repaired and brought up to new NSW Bush Fire Service standards, noticeably the newer livery. When the vehicle was replaced in 2002 by a newer Isuzu, it was sent to Menangle Rural Fire Brigade.

International "Range Rover"

    A truck built by Ron Muelman, to replace the thornycroft in 198-. It sat additional fire fighters behind cabin. Had a 500 Gallon Tank with a PTO pump.


Toyota Landcruiser

    A striker unit received by the brigade 22nd October, 1981.The cruiser was used to assist with fire protection in the area, its' call sign was "Bargo 4".

    These Landcruisers are famous for their sudden brake failures and this vehicle was no exception, with panel damage being repaired after a few occasions.


Thornycroft Nubian 6x6 Pumper

    Acquired by the brigade in 1980, the 6 wheeled, eight cylinder, Rolls Royce monster was purchased for $2000, and had another $2000 spent on it to bring it up to tip top fire fighting condition, of which $1500 was contributed by Wollondilly Shire Council in 1981.

    'The Beast' had a 1000 gallon water tank with a pump that could spurt out and suck at a rate of 600 gallons a minute. At full capacity it could travel at 105km/h. Although the ACCO had been purchased to replace the Blitz, a second vehicle was necessary for incidents on the freeway.


International MkIII ACCO 4x4

    An International ACCO purchased from Army surplus by the brigade for its off road capabilities, replaced the Blitz in 1980.

    The tray on the truck was modified for fire fighting, including a Dog Box with communications to the front for additional crew members in an enclosure, whereas the B160 would have crew outside exposed to the elements and the road.


Holden Ute

    Used to scout out fires, transport men and equipment and tow slip on (mentioned in 1971/2 audit with slip on). Sold in 1974.


Fire Trailer

    Fitted with an 80 gallon steel tank and a 150ft hose with reel, Pacific Fireman Pump and 12 knapsacks. Sent to Yandrra Brigade when it was established.


1942 RAAF Ford "Blitz" Tanker

    Purchased for £350 in 1959, the 1943 Ford Blitz was converted for use as a fire tanker by many different individuals, including Ron Muelman.

    Construction was completed in 1962 With a water tank capacity of 300 gallons, 300ft delivery hose and reel, and a Northey Pump with suction hose.

    The Ford Blitz is one of the more memorable antique tankers people remember fondly of. Widely used by volunteer brigades for its off road capabilities.


Privately Owned Vehicles

    Vehicles owned by brigade members have been used to transport fire fighters and equipment since the brigade was established.

    Before the Ford Blitz was acquired by the brigade in 1959, private vehicles would collect members when an alert to an incident was made by the Bargo Police Station.