Becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter

The Bargo Brigade consists entirely of volunteer men and women, with most trained to fight fires and others offering their time for a supporting role in and outside of the brigade. The brigade considers new membership an important part of the community spirit of Bargo, and encourages new members into the brigade.

All roles filled in the brigade are on a volunteer basis and members should expect to have the opportunity to attend bush fires, grass fires, motor vehicle accidents, structural fires and natural disasters such as floods and storms in the Bargo area as well as the surrounding shire and state when the needs arise.

Before new members are allowed to go out to incidents on the fire trucks, the brigade helps train new trainees up to the nationally accredited Bush Fire Fighter and are given a pager or activation access and Personal Protective Equipment to go out on calls when they are available. Acquiring the Bush Fire Fighting achievement also opens up the possibility of further accreditation through the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Interested persons should contact the brigade or drop in and visit when the shed door is open about volunteering to become a member. A focus on helping the community is a credit for all current and potential volunteers.

Examples of courses and accreditations on offer through Bargo Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade are available here.